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Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette

-Real Name:  Anette Ingegerd Olsson
-Stage name: Anette Olzon (a.k.a. Anette Blyckert)
-Birthday and Place of Birth: Katrineholm, Sweden, 21 June 1971
-Place of residence: Helsingborg, Sweden
Lived in Påarp with her ex-husband and their son. Moved with her mother to Skåne when she was 2 years old.
-Status: married since 2013. Lives with her husband in Helsingborg Sweden.

-Husband: Johan Husgafvel, chef and bass player for the swedish band Pain.
-3 sons: Seth Nathanael (born in Helsingborg, 11/07/2001; weighed 4075 grams and was 53 inches long), with her ex - husband Fredrik Blyckert;
-Nemo (born in Helsingborg, 30/07/2010; was 52 cm tall and his weight was 3930 gram), with her actual boyfriend;
-Mio (born 2013).
-Mother:  Majvor Ingegärd
-Father: Gunnar
-Brother: Peter, 21 june 1963 (born in june the 21th as Anette!)
-Sister: Catherine
-Stepsister: Linda
-"Stepbrother": Niclas Olsson, keyboard player and composer of Anette former band Alyson Avenue, the two grew up together.
-Grandmothers and grandfathers names: Svea, Sanda, Ivan and Evert.
Exercising, clothes, reading books and taking long walks in the wild.
Musical background:
I was raised in a musical family and I've been singing since childhood. My mom also forced me to play the oboe for 8 years! I toured constantly with my mom and her band in my childhood, sometimes I even sang on stage with them.

After I turned 13, I started competing in several talent shows. I joined my first real band when I was 17, it was a cover band and all the other musicians were older than me. After playing cover songs, I joined a band called Alyson Avenue, first just as a studio singer, later as their leading lady. We've released 2 albums since 2000.

Anette tells: "But since I am very stubborn and really felt that this was meant to be, I sent an e-mail again in the summer asking if I could send them a live-dvd from my band, Alyson Avenue, and Tuomas said yes."

At the age of 21, I played the leading role in a rock opera/musical called "Gränsland" in Helsingborg. After that I got in to the Balettakademien in Gothenburg. In addition to the already mentioned, I've been in several other bands over the years, I've sung in choirs, done studio work for various projects and I've even occasionally been a wedding singer. Recently I sang a duet with Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart-singer) on his album "Conspiracy". During my singing career I've sung nearly every kind of music that there is!

In my earlier days I took singing lessons at the Copenhagen Music Conservatorie, in Helsingör, Denmark with a private teacher. Nowadays, when its needed, I take lessons from a private teacher at the Malmö Music University. Anette

-Real Name:  Anette Ingegerd Olsson -Stage name: Anette Olzon (a.k.a. Anette Blyckert) -Birthday and Place of Birth: Katrineholm, Sweden, ...