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Anette Wolves today?

Anette is pregnant!

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Wednesday, 3 March 2010

I am in shock, even if I guessed it from Anette's autumn post about a big new in her life. And actually that is, wow!

Congratulations Anette, to you, bf and Seth!
from Anette Olzon Central staff,

Poochie, Lisa, Christian


  1. What good news!
    I'm so happy for her and her BF.
    A new baby in the NW Team <3

    @ AOC:
    Nice to see you're back =)

  2. Emeline, hi!!
    thanks for your comment and yeah, hopefully i will have my pc back soon...

    oh..a NW baby ;=)

    kisses, poochie

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    I was also very impressed with this news, She is really good at keeping secrets =)
    I read the link that Anette left for we read the news in Finnish and I read that her boyfriend's name is Johan. Of course there are several Johan in the world, but the only Johan that comes to mind that is a musician and that our dear anette know is Johan Husgafvel of Pain. And judging by the photos you published in some past posts I think I'm not so wrong.
    Of course it does not matter, she has her private life and we have no right to intrude but this thing went through my head.
    But back to the main topic was something really amazing, and I wish all the best for this baby and send my warmest congratulations to Anette and her boyfriend ... Johan Husgafvel or not. =)
    Have a great day dear friend,
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  4. @ Bonome:
    Hi =) I heard a time ago that Johan Husgafvel was her boyfriend, but nothing was proved. And I really wonder if it's him.
    If it's right, they are so cute together <3

  5. @Bonome: Hi!!! <3 Johan Husgafvel of Pain, yes I'm quite sure

  6. Anonymous3:34 pm

    "@ Emeline" and "": Yeah, I agree with you my friend. Maybe becouse this, that Anette performed 2 songs in the album of PAIN, right =)
    I just have one preocupation about this pregnancy and I think some people must be have too.
    I don't care about what Tuomas will be thinking or how she is take care of the baby and work in nightwish becouse she have competence to do that and Tuomas is a good person. My only concern is about her and baby health.
    I know that at the moment Anette feels very good and strong, but a pregnancy with over than 35 years is very dangerous for the son and for the mother, have more chances to have complications and I am worried.
    I hope that everything goes alright for her, she deserve the best. But I can not deny that this news, besides leaving me very happy for her, let me also with some concern.
    I just can wish all good luck in the world for her. For sure, everything will be alright, she is a strong woman =)

    Have a good day you all and sorry for my boring comment but I was thinkin about this all day and this is a really serious subject.

    Hugs from Brazil to all and good luck for dear Anette.

  7. Bonome, you are not boring at all!
    Your concern is very understandable...let's cross our fingers for our Nettie and embrace her with our lovely posts!

  8. I've read in a couple interviews
    that Anette says her boyfriend is a musician,
    and now that you guys are talking about it
    I think you are right. I think he
    might be the Johan from Pain, because
    I saw that in that link too.
    But we'll know when the baby is born if
    not before, because if it is him, then his
    band will make an announcement about it too.
    Since Nightwish has spoken on Anette's
    behalf and about her still singing,
    I'm sure that if it is the Johan from Pain,
    that the people in Pain will do the same for know???

    I remember her saying a surprise she
    didn't want to tell us yet...but when asked
    in the comments she said no, she wasn't
    pregnant. So I was thinking, "No way in hell
    Anette would lie..." But then I thought if
    she wanted to keep it private from the press, she would lie. And it wasn't that bad
    of a lie, and technically she wasn't
    keeping anything from us.
    She hinted, she just didn't go into detail;=)

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  9. Sorry for commenting again! But if you look at pictures posted in this blog awhile ago,

    They do seem to be really comfortable
    with each if they were together
    I don't think I'd be surprised...

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  10. @Hi Katie! Yes it's right, she just needed to keep the secret for a while;=)

    @Bonome:=): I understand what you say...mmm...I know many mums that delivered their child when they were around 40s: some of them had complications but on the other side, it went well for the 80% of them (mum & child) :=)

  11. Awww , I am soo happy for her ,
    I wish her all the best , and I am pretty sure that Johan is her BF ;)
    They look sooooooo cute together!



  12. Anonymous7:04 pm

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