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Anette Wolves today? we are open! Big thanks to.....

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The newest Anette Olzon sweetest fansite :P !!!

With my big pleasure, I'm introducing to you my wonderful collegue Lisa tonight: she worked a lot on the new fansite!
Thank you so much Lisa for your precious job: you deserve to enjoy this moment, since you showed you are so talented and such a lovable person :=).

And now Christian: yes we also have a new cute boy on board :=)
He is the Planet NIghtwish blog owner, and I offered him to join the team. He lately announced he was giving up with his nightwish blog, and I was disappointed. I believe he is special resource for us all here ;=).

Rax: I met you by olzontube and you immediately got my attention because of your creativity with the video and audio files. Welcome rocker!

Arianna: for the endless supply, month after month, she always takes care of the aoc forum and mails, mails, mails... she is super in contacts management!So, if you need a manager, she is my own advice!

With love,


  1. YAY! Great job! But I won't be here in next 7-8 days because I am going on operation in Germany , but nothing tooooo dangerous

  2. And I forgot to give you some wallpapers by me
    Hope you will like them

  3. WOW, amazing wallpapers eskoplja, especially the elf...

    Congratulations for the site!! But text color of the comments should be changed, it's hard to read like it is now ;-)

  4. yes indeed :( i tried so many times to change the font color! but smth goes wrong every time!!!