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Anette Wolves today?


  1. Anette Olzon Central & Nightwish Extended said...
    Hey Suzy,
    I'm Poochie from Italy,' webminstress.
    I'm so happy it happened to me to read your comment on Anettes blog "Why do things fo wrong?"because i found something different this time from a trivial thought.

    I am curious and I really want to be your friend, since I have the same idea you got!

    You say you just want God's will to be done..well..I really agree with that, but please think it's not so easy...yes it's easy talking in general about the world, etc.. but very difficult if you talk about yourself :)
    You need to have strenght to accept God's will so you have to pray a lot!!

    I know it because i lived and i'm livin this experience.
    So we think the same way, also about making God 'famous'! ;=)

    I hope you can contact me at anetteolzon, looking forward to chat with you on msn or somewhere else.

    You can follow my blog/Anette Olzon Central NEWS at -

    Big hugs and thanks for letting a trace of God in Anettes blog,
    it really helps,


    Hi Poochie :)

    I was so , so happy when I read your post - to think that there is someone else out there who follows Anette's blog and completely supports her, as well as having faith in our God , is completely amazing!

    I understand what you said about it not being easy - I have had to 'hold on with my fingernails' to God many times during my life - it's the hardest thing I've ever done, quite honestly , but I hold on to the knowledge that while He may push us to the breaking point, He NEVER lets anything happen to us that we absolutely can't handle when we put our Trust in Him =) I'm , as you say , 'living the experience' too and it's better than I could Ever, EVER dream =D He is so good!

    I will be sure to add you on msn later today , and I'm looking forward to talking with you! :D God bless!

    - Suzy C. ♥

  2. Thanks a lot Suzy,
    I cannot wait to have a conversation with you then ;=)

    I'm honoured,


    P.S. ..and finally, I managed to fix the comment font color! Yay! :=P