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Anette Wolves today?

Anette Olzon interview part III

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Monday, 17 August 2009

Good morning!
Here goes the 3rd part from Anette new interview!! Unfortunately I wasn't given the permission to put this Anette interview for download on my website :=(
But hey Tiia, thank you the same for uploading it ;=)


  1. Anonymous9:55 pm

    I am totally agree with Anette about Finnish people. They don't like talking and very silent. It's sometimes a good thing but not always. When you want to talk and chat and they're silent and speechless... brrr. :D Kinda bad.

  2. Dear sweet Nettie!!! Soooo adorable and kind ^_^
    I love her sooooo much!!!
    Thanks for the interview