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Anette Wolves today?

Anette Interview is Ready;=)

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Last days we contacted X3M radio and they kindly replied, the vid is ready:

The vid is now online at:
It's in swedish but perhaps you can find some fan who wants to translate it...


Petter Sandelin

I already told you on facebook that we needed a good swedish translator, so we are waiting for the translation now and you'll find it below in the comments box!


  1. Thanks;=)
    Now, waiting for the translation;=)

  2. I'm swedish so maybe I can translate :)

  3. I'm working on a translation now :)

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  5. The first 5 min will come soon :) Then I have to take a brakt, it's realy a hard work :O

  6. So, here is the beginning, I will have some mor in a minuit. It's very simpel cause I'm not so god in english.

    It’s great, It’s look really cool with your pircing.
    Yhea, everybody can se me!

    So today we have the Nightwish singer Anette Olzon with us.
    How are you, you said that you were a bit tierd , you’re in Finland. It’s something with the air?
    Yes, it’s the air. We have no air in Skåne where I live, it’s to close to Denmark.
    So there is more air in Finland?
    Yes, and more forests. We have no forests in Skåne, only a lot of fields with farmers and pig wee, ouh it smells.
    And a bridge?
    Yes a bridge, it’s beautiful
    But you have had a amazing long tour and it seems like it soon is over, In Saturday? Hartwall arena?
    What will happen next? Will you have summer holiday or atumm holiday?
    No, no holiday.
    Maybe a bit less to before this gig. Thousand, 168 I brlivr ( I didn’t really catch how many but they are talking about the audience at Hartwall) How does it feel?
    It’s pretty nice. Of course it’s sad, but nice. ( nice in a relaxing way, couldn’t find a better word)
    What is the first you will do, let say at Sunday morning?
    We will have a party, a big party. Partying. *laughing*
    How is it when you’re on tours and have parties. Can you smoke and drink alcohol or do you have take care of your voice?
    I sleep. I’m never at the parties. Never.
    Never? Why?
    I doesn’t work. First I have asthma so I can’t be in the smoke and I can’t take alcohol so I almost never drink and I need to sleep.
    So the party on Sunday?
    I’ll be there, but I won’t drink.
    Will you dance?
    Of course. I don’t need alcohol to dance.
    So you can do funny dancec without alcohol`?
    Yes I can.
    Will you sing.? Karaoke?
    No No No, I hate that.

  7. ghaa, i did some more but it all has disaperd for the computer >__< sorry.

  8. @Nessí: a big HUG!!!!!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!
    I WAS SURE THERE WOULD BE A TRANSLATION SOON OR LATER, because you are sweet fans and friends,


  9. Tnx for translation.=)

  10. can someone...continue the translation????

  11. Is it okay if I continue onSaturday? I need to do my homeworks today and tomorrow >__>

  12. no problem Nessí! it's ok....there can be some other fan translatig it, but we still dont are Welcome ^_^!


  13. I'm making no promises, but if I manage to save the interview on my computer, I might upload the interview with added english subtitles... =)

    Though, it would be nice if someone could translate the few finnish sentences, since I don't speak finnish.


  14. Allie.d: oh really? :) we would be so happy!
    Hope you can manage......
    hugs and thanks

  15. Then maybe you can do it instead of me? Cause I have so much to do with school.

  16. she has asthma o.o I didn't knew :s

  17. Nessì: thank you, no problem!

    Soulmaster: yes she does:=( (she already said it in her blog before...)