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Anette Wolves today?


  1. Anonymous6:59 pm

    This picture was cool. She stayed with an intellectual face in this picture, very cool it. This singer is the most charismatic that I know, becouse this she is my favorite singer =)
    Keep up the excellent blog, Anette deserve ;-)
    Congratulations to all team of this blog.

  2. Yeaahh :D I'm so glad that you all like Anette. Especially when she is from my part of Sweden, I'm styding in the city she lives in so every day I have my eyes open and tries to spot her. :)

    Anette, vi älskar dig (Anette we love you) :)

  3. *Bonome: what a honour!! I know you from Anette's blog and it's a pleasure to see you here! thanks so much for the compliments;=)

    *Nessì: yep yep you are lucky! grrrrrr! ;=P
    I really hope you meet her and GET a picture of you together, then you can share it with us;=d gOOD LUCK

  4. *Bonome: I forgot-indeed, i choose this picture because of the intellectual aspect :P

  5. I have a piture of the two of us :D I meet her at Soumi safari :) But the piture is on a friend of mine computer and she lives far from me and she is never online :(

  6. Nessì: we WANT that picture!!!! :=P

  7. I know.. I'm kinda desperate too.....