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Anette Wolves today?

Karoliina's translation!

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Saturday, 10 October 2009

"He doesnt say anything about Anette on x3m interview but on YLE Areena:

Lauri:This song or actually the melody has been made already 12 years ago, originally it was a parody of boy bands with different and cheesy kind of lyrics. Which we made after drinking homemade wine. We were just joking around. Then it developed in to a serious song. With strings and everything.
So I called Anette, actually I called Tuomas first and asked for "Anettes hand" meaning Tuoma's permission if I could ask her to collaborate with us, and Tuomas said sure go ahead call her, she's your fan. Then I called her and she said great! Of course I will. "Couple of years ago before I joined Nightwish I sang your songs on karaoke." And so the song turned out great, we made a video for it and now its finished. Then he talks about the reasons why the song didnt fit to their black roses album.
And continues: ... 5 years ago I actually I asked Tarja to join us but she didnt want to. I dont know what was the problem but I guess she was busy. But its funny, like soon as the new singer joined I could ask again, nothing but Nightwish is good enough for us.. (joke)"

Thank you Karoliina!


  1. Cool :D Soon I'm going to Black Silk, Iäm so happy... hope I will meet Anette... (The piture of us two are on my blogs) Hugs Nessi

  2. Thanks Karoliina;=)

  3. Anonymous6:47 pm

    Thanks Karoliina, Thanks so much. ;-)

  4. I meet Anette tonight :D And I have a little present for you all :I I will send it to the central e-mail (??) tonight or tomorrow and then you can put it here :)

  5. Hi all!!!!! THank you all for the comments:=) much appreciated.

    @Nessi: Alright! You can send it at

    I really hope you'll meet her and take some pics or vids!!
    lots of hugs,