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Anette Wolves today?


Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Monday, 30 November 2009

(avatar by eskoplja) What's your point of view?
Last 22 november Anette received a particular comment on her blog by the name Lelayna, you may have noticed it.
Anette published it and those lines gave origin to a fans discussion. I already showed my support to Anette with my comment in her off blog:

A pair of positive eyes
"Dear Anette,
i totally understand your point.
First i wanna thank you for the nice report you made about the dome. Nobody do that..I know, i know someone thinks there's no use out there...but on the contrary I/we really appreciate your semplicity, i told you so many times...we are part of it because you make it possible.Thank you.
I can see you with a pair of positive eyes, because i feel that you are able to give it as you receive it. that is the wonderful thing.
Of course, we can share smth or not, it depends on us, if we feel like or not.
We are free. But if this happens...well wow!!! Even the darkest day will turn into shiny.
Now, everyone has his own place in life, his very personal mission. You have your own mission in Nightwish and as Anette the vocalist beside this group, you were given a mission in your family, etc...
About you in the home-made phone photos: I personally love them;o) because it feels like home, it feels like normal life, it can't be fake..I really love when you upload those pics of you because it's like to meet you and listen to a beautiful story - cinderella.
I know if this happened to you, dear, it can happen to us all;=)) and you were the first who told this, do you remember honey??
I still believe!
In that way i will never see you as an idol(as you say on interviews this is so weird experience but this happens in our society) but as a "storyteller", a positive messenger of hope. I am even more interested in you before Nightwish, I feel i am interested in Anette;=) Anette= how a dream comes true
...anette at school, anette in the swimming pool, anette eating...anette running....haha yes!
Will you upload some more old pics of you so? ;)
Leopard or Zebra...
It will be fabolous leopard or maybe zebra or tiger decoration in my fab bag, but i'm sure one day i'll get mine as well:=) ;=)
Also, referring to your post-i would ask you this question so...
"If I could give you an advice today, which field would you be interested in?"

lelayna said... (I will put few lines only)
I wanted to tell you why I can't support you any more. you think that anyone will be reading your blog, if you were not NW's lead singer? I'm sorry to be blant, but do you believe you are that interesting on your own? And it is really a sad thing that now when NW are going for a media silence, people who always are hungry for news about NW - will have mainly your blog. Sadly for two years NW will be associated with shopping and spa.
Anette, sadly, this is the image that you have build for yourself - with you constant talking about clothes, every report about going to the gym, every visit to a restorant etc. You are like the total opposite of NW, being drowned so much into the material world.
Are you aware how UNPROFESSIONAL you look when you talk about the working process in connection to you new album? For God's sake, you are like a factory for songs! One song per day! It really seams that your album can be ready for like a month! (READ THE FULL lelayna COMMENT HERE)

Anette Olzon said...
lelayna: I do publish comments here that are not rude or insulting me or anyone around me. I can take critique if its written in a nice manner. You have every right to say what you feel, but remember: there are no "rules" in how to be the singer in a band, writing an album, liking fashion or not. Have a nice day;=)

lelayna said...
Anette: I know there are not rules, and actually I didn't suggest that. Still I think that you should pay more attention how your actions affect NW, and maybe try to be more considerate. There are certainly not rules, I know, but still I think it's basic that people should accept you as a serious and professional person, especially when you are in a band with established reputation as Nightwish, for which they have worked for so long.


  1. I do not understand the point of that woman, Anette earlier had said that this would be his blog, not the blog of NW, and if you go to the blog of Anette is to know how is your life, what he does in his day and is a little, and write in your comment, I like Anette interests me, what she does and how it is and not think that harm the "image" of NW. Finally there will always be people like that. Greetings and congratulations on the good work they have been doing, you have nice day!, And sorry for my bad English =P

  2. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Just wanted to say....Anette , you're doing a nice job as a singer , and I also wanted to say that you also have the right to have a life too , I do'nt understand why some poeple a're giving bad comments to your blog about NW , yeah you're they're singer but that does'nt mean you can't have a own blog for yourself and your fans whe're you a're telling them about the real you beside NW... Greetings and a nice day from a fan from Belgium....(Anja)

  3. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Well, there are two views on this subject. Unfortunately the two are correct and it is up to each individual to decide which point of view.

    1° Point of View - is a fact that Anette writes a LOT about clothes, spa, hair, etc, etc, and sometimes her blog becomes a little superficial. This, for the fans who enjoy reading news about her and about Nightwish is a little frustrating. There are people (me for example) that do not like to read about fashion, hair, etc..

    2° Point of View (this is my view too) - We read the blog to know the person Anette, and the excence of blog is her and not the nightwish.
    I got used to read her blog every day and always comment there (I think in almost all the posts there is a comment mine, hehehe) and even though I do not like fashion, hair, spa (because I do not understand anything about it ) I always give a comment or a compliment because I see that is something she likes, is part of her personality and deserves respect. Moreover, it is very interesting (to me), know-how was her day, what she is thinking and know the person behind the artist. In my opinion this is the purpose of the blog.

    I think it is necessary to respect. If the person does not like the blog just don't comment, is simple and does not hurt anyone.

    All the best to all readers of here.
    this blog is very good.
    greetings from Brazil.

    PS: Sorry for the long comment ;-)

  4. Bonome: it is very very kind from you, as always, hope you feel fine ;)
    Anonymous: thank you


  5. Anonymous5:20 pm

    Yes, I'm fine. Thanks =)
    Enjoy the day my friend
    Hugs from Brazil =)

  6. I think that Anette has right to write on her blog what she wants!
    Oh! That is my little animation! ^^



  7. I must say that I agree with Bonome :)

  8. AngelWingsToDust7:16 pm

    Anette! You are my hero, and you've inspired me to strive for my dream and become a singer in a band just like you! ^.^ Lelayna is quite ignorant in my opinion. What you do of course affects Nightwish, but I have seen nothing negative out of it! You're human just like the rest of us, and I would do the same as you. Much love, to you and Nightwish. I agree with Bonome. The purpose of a blog is to express yourself the way you want to. So keep doing it! <3

  9. eskoplja: op, sorry maybe do you want me to drop a line like - "avatar by eskoplja"? Yeahhh, I put it up right now.. :=)

    AngelWingsToDust: thanks for your experience!


  10. ...Why did Anette stop answering? She didn't say something about the post "Leay..needs a man"!?...

  11. Elizabeth m11:00 pm

    Nettie, you are who you are :) I respect that, be yourself no matter what anyone says. You are a beautiful girl whom I love and respect. Ignore these nasty comments they aren't worth it. What you do does not affect Nightwish at all or any of your projects for that matter be yourself :)

    from Elizabeth m xx

  12. No need to say sorry =) It already has the letter "E" =)

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  14. Hi Lovely Anette! I LOVE YOU! You are Total Awesome :-) ♥♥♥
    I LOVE your Beautiful and cute voice! ♥♥♥
    Don't manage about disturbed people, they are... the PROOF of your HIGH TALENT!! :DD
    (or they wouldn't need to speak by this way!! So IDIOT)
    Keep GOING ON You're The Best!!... and Be Welcome WHEN YOU WANT TO PARIS ♥♥♥ :)
    LOTS OF CONGRATULATIONS and BIG KISSES from PARIS (no Kilometers from me, sorry :), Hope I wrote you enough HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!)

    Laurence ROLLAND ♥♥♥

  15. who cares what anybody says about Anette its only 1 person out of the blue! All we have to do is keep showing our love & support!!! Anette is a tough/strong woman! For every bad comment she gets is brushed away by all the nice ones that we leave everyday =)

    3 HEPS for Anette xxx

  16. Mely-avdotia: No, Anette didn't say anything
    about that post comment and I'm pretty
    disappointed that she approved it at all...

    Anyway. I think it's wrong to be discussing
    this on here.

    Number 1- it's a personal problem, not
    directed at any of you.

    Number 2- Anette dealt with it already. Yeah,
    I might have yelled a response at the girl
    too, but as soon as you see Anette has
    already responded, then the discussion should
    have ended there.

    Number 3- the girl apologized. So let it go.