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Anette Wolves today?

Tarja What Lies Beneath Teaser

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Friday, 28 May 2010

I know it's not Anette related but, as you read, our site is also about Nightwish - and Tarja is for sure a big part of them still...anyhow..


  1. I'm afraid although I love Tarja's voice (and of course Anette's) Tarja seemed in the end very it's my way with gigs etc, no band interaction etc. But I love the new Nightwish too. :)

  2. Hej! ;=)
    Uhmm..yes I agree...She has a different attitude towards the audience...
    I prefere Anettes lovely way with people..

    but of course Tarjas voice is Tarjas voice;=D

    Hugs and thank you so much!

  3. Hi
    Well, I was a fan of Tarja. I confess that I just listen some two songs of her...I prefer Anette to.
    Hey, when you have a time, check my blog! I have some posts about Anette (I will send the las that I did about her)


  4. Hello marina!glad you posted here ^_* i will visit yours for sure!!!

  5. Anonymous2:54 am

    You all must be crazy. There is no mortal that can replace Tarja in a band. Nightwish is over, as you see, and Anette should be ashamed of singing the true songs, it´s really not for her. Lovely ways to people is just a way to fill the empty that her voice leaves.

  6. SKovu1:01 am

    I just don't get what's wrong with Tarja's behaviour. She's always kind and caring toward the audience. "No band interaction" ? Have you really seen a single video of her 2010 tour ? She really enjoys being on stage with her crew... Anyway, you won't see a lot of artists singing unplugged right in the middle of the crowd... but she did. :-)