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Anette Wolves today?


Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Monday, 14 February 2011

Anette knows it for a while now, we have been planning the 2nd AOC contest for a long long time! Differently from the 1st one, "Bye Bye Beautiful - Write your Story Competition", where the only winner Sarah Hill from UK won a Bye Bye Beautiful Set (CD single + DvD = total: 2 pieces), our next contest is meant to be a "bigger" one, since there will be more winners and more special prizes!!!
And the prizes are both from Nightwish Shop and Anette Olzon Shop.
So people, get ready for that and visit our site very often to be able to be among the very first applicants!
The contest will be launched very soon!


  1. Hi Poochie!
    Thanks for this contest!
    I'll be ready (I hope;=)

  2. Hi EMELINE! So happy to read your first comment! I'm so excited, indeed! hehe
    it was a while since our last contest -2007- puff... but we want to create lots of contests from NOW ON!!!
    Hope you will be one of the lucky or talented winners! kisses!

  3. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Can't wait :)
    Hope it won't be a contest to show our talent because I'm not very talented but I will try my best :)

  4. Nina: I'm sure you are on the contrary;=)

  5. Yeay! I think I did not participated in the first, guess I need to change that now! :)

  6. Hi Poochie
    I was hoping this contest since you was telling me, I hope that everything goes perfectly, by the way, can I participate? :P

    P.S If you want I can give my blog outreach to the Spanish-speaking people can participate as well.

  7. Nessí and Helena: Hello!How are you? Nice that you will partecipate!
    Helena:thank you, good idea to invite your blog followers:=)

  8. Nessí: finally! The Swedish Anettes Potrait is out! Would you send us scans and translations?
    Thank you very much

  9. It´s Done! :)

    Have a nice day!

  10. Poochie: I'm going abroad this week, but I've brought the magazine. If no one has translated it till I'm back, I'll give it a try! :)

  11. Why am I not following you? :( I was sure I was!
    blogspot is obviously very silly and did something :(
    Oh well all sorted now!
    Kath x

  12. Wow Kath, thank you. We always "meet" at Anette's blog somehow, but it's different and cool to have you here.

  13. Oooh! Can't wait for the contest :)

  14. Hi GosiaK! Welcome!