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Anette Wolves today?

Tuomas speaks about Anette Olzon Vocal Skills

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Thursday, 20 October 2011

Some extracts from Metalized:

: Anette [Olzon, vocals] is an established part of the band now, and she has been in the band for several years. On "Dark Passion Play" she came in after the songs were written. Has it made a difference on "Imaginaerum" that you maybe know her vocal style better?

Tuomas: "Definitely, and at least I can hear that. I knew what her strengths were and what her weaknesses were, and then I just tried to avoid those. We have also toured together for two years, and known each other for five years, so there was a much more relaxed feeling when she came to the studio to sing. It was completely different. A funny thing is that 50-60% of all vocals, both Anette and Marco [Hietala], is from the demo more than a year ago. We recorded the demo at the summer camp in a small room and just said 'sing it like you want.' It took her three days, and we were all blown away, we were like, 'What is happening here?' Six months later we went to the studio and did all the vocals again, and thought that this is good, but something is missing. That's why we ended up using the demo, and the same applies to Marco. It is about the magic of the first take, and that there is no pressure on you when you're recording a demo. When you say that you have to do your best there is some pressure on you. She had also just broken a rib when we went to the studio, and I don't think she had recovered completely."

Metalized: Did she contribute with some vocal lines or melodies of her own this time?
Tuomas: "The original idea was that she would join our summer camp for both months and then go through all the arrangements, but then she got pregnant, and she stayed at home. So no, she didn't contribute so much of her own. Her job was the interpretation. Hopefully we can work closer together the next time."

Metalized: Speaking of strengths and weaknesses, what do you think her strengths are?

Tuomas: "I know her scale now, and what part of the scale she sounds best. I think she is best in the lower end. You can really hear that on 'The Crow, The Owl And The Dove', for example. Her improvisational skills are really good. What you hear at the end of 'Storytime' is all her own. This whoa-whoa thing. It is a very Swedish thing, like ABBA or ROXETTE or something."



  1. LOL!! I like the end of the last answer! Now I really can't wait to Imaginaerum;)
    Good job Poochie ;)

  2. Dark Queen, you're always so kind. Thank you.
    What surprises me is that 50-60% of all Anette's vocals in Imaginaerum are from the demo!!!!!!!