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Anette Wolves today?

Is it joke or reality

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Monday, 1 October 2012

Nightwish Part Ways With Anette Olzon? WTF?

Press Statement (from the official NW website)
Another chapter of the Nightwish story has ended today. Nightwish and Anette Olzon have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.

In recent times it has become increasingly obvious that the direction and the needs of the band were in conflict, and this has led to a division from which we cannot recover.

Nightwish has no intention of cancelling any upcoming shows, and as a result we have decided to bring in a substitute vocalist starting in Seattle 1.10.2012. Her name is Floor Jansen from The Netherlands (ex-After Forever, ReVamp), and she has graciously stepped in to help us complete the Imaginaerum world tour.

We are all strongly committed to this journey, this vehicle of spirit, and we are sure that this will lead to a brighter future for everyone.
We forever remain excited about the adventures to come, and we are extremely proud of the two beautiful albums and the wonderful shows we shared together.

- NIGHTWISH & Anette Olzon
 From Anette's blog:
"Dear blog readers:
With this I say farewell to you and this blog. This blog was a way for me, as the singer in NW, to keep more in touch with you NW fans. Now when this chapter has ended, there is no more need for me to do this blog and from today I close it. 
I want to thank you all for being my readers for so many years, for your loving support and I wish you all a happy and healthy life! Stay kind to others and live life easy!
Lots of love,
Anette Olzon (from now on just Anette Olsson;=) "


  1. I hope she will return solo or joins an other band, Anette YOU ROCK..!!!!!! She is 10000 times better than NW assholes...

    beleve in you..

    1. We hope too. And we're glad that she won't cose her blog. She just need some time on her own.

  2. Since I read it yesterday I'm very, very, very sad and down!!! It's one of the sadest moments in my life!!! :'(

    1. Yes, it's a very sad moment indeed :(
      But she said she won't close her blog and who knows about her solo career :)

  3. This news has shocked me and I hope and wish Anette, that with her solo career has a lot of success. I miss you, my dear Anette ....

    1. Hi dearest Brigitte, we missed you :) We are in shock as you are atm. looking forward to read her new blog posts. take care. Poochie

  4. Anonymous9:11 pm

    This band has become greedy... Anette goes to the hospital, they leave her to go to the show then they have the girls from Kamelot sign the words off paper? She worked so many years to get reconized and took a lot of crap. Let me ask everyone out there, do you not think this was premediated??? How do they get Floor Jansen on a plane with 1 day notice to complete a whole tour? I feel sorry for Anette, I seen them at Royal Oak Michigan a week ago. She is a mother of 2, a family person, holding a career. I am not happy about this at all! If one of those guys where in the hospital they would have cancelled in a second. Nightwish has shows in Nov. coming up with PAIN opening, I hope she comes out and does Follow Me... But I think they will be a coward and cancel PAIN and get someone else.

    1. Oh wow, PAIN in November...that means Anette can join them if she feels comfortable with it. Mmmmm..I have to think about that "theory" of you, unfortunately, anything is possible in business issues. And considering what happened with Tarja, we should not be that surprised.

  5. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Oh gosh, I don't know what to say on that.
    We all love Anette and we all hope that she will continue with her solo career.
    Dear Anette, don't give up!

  6. Anonymous7:00 pm

    I don't know wether you read this, Anette... I took a long time to get used to a singer who is not Tarja - but as soon as Imaginaerum came out I loved you and your voice wholeheartedly. I'm very, very sad. Saw you twice performing with Nightwish and you were awesome. I'm thoroughly p*ssed about the way the guys treated you. That was just LOW!!!!
    Take care, find peace and comfort with your family and be happy. You deserve to be.
    Love from Ela

    1. Hi Ela! This is AOC Team.
      We suggest you to just copy and paste your message to Anette' official blog and be sure she will read it! She reads every message she gets ;=)

      Thank you for the nice words and support, i'm sure she will appreciate them, take care


    2. Anonymous6:43 pm

      Thank you for your kind reply. I did post a message on her blog. I hope the many loving and comforting words people wrote to her will make her feel a little better.
      Have a lovely weekend!

  7. Dáša Fíková6:50 pm

    Anette thank you for being an amazing singer, thank you for bringing Nightwish back to life when they needed it.We'll never forget you.♥Good luck Anette to you and your family.