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Anette Wolves today?

Early days in black

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Guys do you remember?
"Pretty too much classic question, but needed":
Do you like Anette with black dyed hair or do you think she's more herself with blonde color?

I found this lovely photo on the internet, this quality is better than the one I had from a scanned article, so...enjoy!!!



  1. Elinka10:10 pm

    Hm, I personally liked her more with the black hair as she was in the very beginning(withouth the fringe). But the long blonde hair is nice too :)

  2. I agree with Elinka. I like her with Black hair, she looked nicer. Blonde hair is lovely but I prefer black :)

  3. I loved her hair black, it was my favorite ;=)
    It was so pretty and long too!
    She's beautiful blonde, don't get me wrong,
    and she was beautiful as a redhead too,
    but I loved her long black hair.
    She looked gorgeous and sooo much younger!
    She still looks amazing blonde, but personally
    black haired was better for me ;=)

    Hugs and love, Katie T.

  4. She looks very amazing whit black long hair =))

    Whit Love Heli

  5. Anonymous11:26 pm

    I prefer black :)

  6. I loved her black hair! It looked really good on her! But I love her blonde too. It fits her very well! I only wish it looked as good on me! Haha.

  7. Anonymous2:47 am

    you`re perfect!!has always

  8. Anonymous3:27 am

    Definitely it was much prettier with black hair. The black hair left her face with a younger look. Of course that Anette is the Anette. She's beautiful anyway =)
    I believe that beauty of her is in her personality, of course she is beautiful, but her personality, the joy and charisma leave it even more beautiful =D

  9. Anonymous10:43 am

    She has looked good with every color she's had but is as if she was meant to be a brunette. Like some have already mentioned she looked younger with black hair, she also looked great with the redish brown she had. The thing is that sometimes blonde makes the person look a bit older even though Anette still looks much younger than her age.
    She has said several times she doesn't want to go back to black but I think a medium or light brown or even a dark blonde would look much better the blondes she's had and has at the moment.
    So yeah my answer is black over blonde, and I think she has always been herself with every color she's had.

  10. loved your comments! thanks, please keep it up!


  11. What a lovely picture!
    I love Anette , with , or without black hair! I love her on the way she is. It's important that she is healthy and happy and looks...her choice...she will wear what she wants and what she likes.


  12. Anonymous10:02 pm

    I prefer black...she looks younger with black..