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Anette Wolves today?


Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Wednesday, 25 November 2009

First of all, dear aoc followers, thank you very very much for your interest in the latest entry: I enjoyed reading your comments a lot!!
Well...according to your preferences about Anette's hair color, the most of you really loved Anette old look in black dyed hair.
I read you liked it more because she looked younger in a way...

..if I get your words right, you associate her old blacklook with words such as: young, impish, jaunty, teenage, rocker, metalhead.
Personally, I like her blonde more, since this is her natural color and I believe everyone should be more natural as possible. But this is a vast argument, isn't it??;=)
Moreover, I do think Anette's look at the beginning was rather "designed" to please Nightwish audience, to fit with the band style. Until proven, Tarja has been black haired for most of her 9 years with Nightwish and also lots of metal female singers, so I see it like a necessary evil if you are a beginner in a big metal band.

Your partecipation means a lot, I loved to read your thoughts :)
thanks once again, lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Anonymous6:20 pm

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  3. Anonymous8:04 pm

    As I said in previous post, the beauty of her is in his cheerful and charismatic personality . Few artists are like her. =)
    But analyzing a technical point of view, leaving aside all the amazing person that Anette is, the black hair gives a contrast with the hue of her skin, which is very bright white. (I love it) This gives the face a more mysterious and a more youthful look.
    Of course this is a point of view simply based on physical characteristics and it is impossible to analyze a human being using purely physical characteristics. She It is what it is. For me it could color the hair to green that I still would think it beautiful. Beauty is in the person, agrees ;-)

    I liked this space you gave us to talk and express our views on this subject. You have done well, very good initiative =)
    Thanks and hugs from Brazil =)

  4. It's so great that Anette dyes her hair often and tries different colors all the time! Metal singers don't have to have black hair all the time, although I really liked her black hair too..
    After being kicked out of the band Tarja dyed her hair brown with honey-colored highlights and told the papers that she was forced to dye her hair black when she was the singer of Nightwish and now she's so happy because she can do anything she likes with her hair. Then she signed up for Sassoo's hair model and they dyed her hair black again. :'D

  5. Well, you have reason, your arguments really convinced me in a way :)
    Tarja's natural could hair is black, right?
    Have a nice day!!

  6. (could) *Colour...sorry :)

  7. Anonymous11:13 pm

    I really don't care what hair color the person has in a metal band, there are a lot of blondes in the metal scene (Marco and Emppu for example ;)) But I don't doubt it could be like you say that her look at the beginning was "designed" to please Nightwish audience.

    I still think darker shades of colors are better for her whether is black or any other color.

  8. Why do people always look the outside look??? I think that the inside look is more important than the outside look!
    Come on people! She is pretty on both ways1 Inside and outside-nice , caring sweet adorable person.
    And haven't you noticed that every girl in a metal band has gothic corset , skirt bla bla does that mean that she is not a rocker if she is not wearing black clothes and corsets??? Funny. She can have pink color if she wants to...I will still love her



  9. Mely- avdotia: Apparently Tarja's natural hair
    colour is a dark blonde/light brown...
    which I'm sorry but I cannot
    picture her looking like that now.
    I've seen pictures so I know it's true that
    that's what her hair used to be,
    but it's black now and it looks so natural!

    I don't care what Anette does with her hair,
    colour wise and length wise she
    looks better with long hair and dark hair.
    But with short hair or blonde or red
    hair she still is gorgeous.

    Ena- she has had pink hair...
    and she rocked it! ;=)
    She also- when her hair was black-
    not only had the hot pink streak,
    but also had two dark purple streaks,
    a lavender purple streak,
    a bleach blonde streak, and a yellow streak.
    All at different times
    throughout having black hair.

    She's my idol when it comes to hair.
    She's done so much with
    hers and always looks gorgeous.

    Hugs and love, Katie T.