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IMAGINARIUM: Movie shooting postponed

Anette Olzon Central@ Your 1st Source on ex-Nightwish singer Anette // Friday, 27 May 2011

Posted by Nightwish Official Site on 27. May 2011

"During the last six weeks, the work on Imaginarium has advanced by leaps and bounds. We’ve been so busy with the project there has been precious little time for anything else.

While the band supervises the final mix of the album, location scouting is already underway for the Imaginarium movie. As the name of the movie and the information disclosed so far suggest, these real-world special places are few and far between.

The production crew has also been strengthened by people who have extensive knowledge of post-production technology. This is crucial, because the shoot and post-production are expected to be extremely complex and technically challenging. One of the characters in the movie also needs special attention from the animation department. Without teasing you any further, we can only disclose that this character will surely be remembered by many a Nightwish fan.

Because of the technical challenges and need for more planning, the shooting has been postponed. The movie will nevertheless be completed on time, as the post-production was begun already before the shooting.

There’s obviously a lot of expectations for the movie score. Tuomas is currently working on variations with Petri Alanko, renowned for his prize-winning music for the Alan Wake video game. The score will be based on the songs on the album and their main themes in a way that — like many other things with the Imaginarium movie — is a first in the history of motion pictures.

Imaginarium was also featured at the Cannes Movie Festival, where Solar Films presented their forthcoming films. At the same time, the script went through its biggest and most anticipated overhaul so far, confirming that Imaginarium will in no way be a children’s movie but a dark and foreboding fantasy; a dream world that lacks no surprises.

In a nutshell, like the director of the movie tends to characterize his productions, “well-planned is half done”. The famous sign post on the crossroads leading to Imaginarium is already visible. It says “Imaginarium, X miles”, and underneath it reads in small, red, curving hand-writing: “Soon it’s time to start shooting.